Ch-ch-ch changes!

Welcome to the new Library Lab at Peacham Elementary School where we don’t just browse and check out books, but we read, explore, create and discover!

Our time in the “LibLab” is constructed so that that children get a multitude of experiences while here, hence why we needed a rebranding. We have 4 desktop computers, one desktop mac with a scanner, a handful of Netbooks, digital cameras, video recorders, old machines, new books, and so on. The possibilities are endless on what we can create here.

Each week, the students see me for 45 minutes and during that time we start with a story to set the tone of our exploration. There is some time for discussion, and then students break off into groups to explore the different stations. We usually have an area set up for creating (this can include arts/crafts, building, engineering, writing, etc.), a guided activity on the computers involving strictly computer and technical skills (and eventually Arduino), as well as time to browse and check out. It’s a lot to cover in such a short time, so students are always welcome to come in other times with their teacher’s permission. Parent’s are also always welcome to visit and check it out. I’m happy to give tours of all the exciting new things we have happening here!

Scott MarshiaCh-ch-ch changes!

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