Banana Piano. Must Be The Circus.

So, this happened.


Teacher’s and students were in and out of the Library Lab all week playing the bananas. It was such a hit, it was insisted that I include a demonstration (and ongoing banana jokes) in our  circus performance. Thanks to a student and parent who lent us their Makey Makey kit to build it (and to those who endured the jokes)! We were so inspired, we now have our very own in the Library Lab. I can’t wait to see what types of projects the students will create. Stay tuned for that.

In the spirit of our Circus Smirkus residency*, during library time we read books about the circus, and made circus crafts.

olivia       whereispup


*I do have video’s of the circus performances from grades Pre-K-4, but since I was participating in the 5/6 act, was unable to capture it. If you have it to share, please let me know!


Scott MarshiaBanana Piano. Must Be The Circus.