Science Fair–go big or go home!!



10553798_10153098877780590_8224434668079099983_o This is what learning looks like!

I like to describe the state of my classroom right now as a “joyful mess.”  We are gearing up for the science fair and as a result, there are wires and lemons and magnets and tubs of salt water with bits of copper and zinc floating around, homemade solar ovens, propeller-powered cars made out of cardboard, levitating magnet cars, copper coils whizzing around–oh my! But the amount of learning and hard work is invigorating.

It’s hard work, and they’re being challenged to think critically and creatively. They’re having to do background research and writing and data recording and testing and re-testing. However, I’m so proud of what the students are accomplishing. Please join us for the science fair at the Danville School on March 26 at 1:00.


Project-based learning is messy but essential.


Joyful mess, controlled chaos, total disaster zone… Whatever you want to call it, we’re having fun in here and learning lots about energy.


Scott MarshiaScience Fair–go big or go home!!