Principal’s Corner | Aug. 28

Dear Peacham Families and Friends,

Welcome back to all of you. To our new students, we’re glad you’ve joined us! We’ve polished our floors and spruced up our classrooms to make our building a safe, productive place for students, staff and community. Thank you, Mrs. Stevenson, for all your hard work this summer. It all matters.

This is a shortened version of our weekly News & Notes, which typically will go home on Fridays. Here’s what you need to know this week, in no particular order:

NO SCHOOL tomorrow, 8/29, or Monday, 9/1 Enjoy the Labor Day holiday!

PICK-UPS We are working to refine many procedures for smoother, safer transitions. Student Drop-Offs seem okay, but Pick-Ups need tweaking. Starting on Tuesday, it will be much less chaotic in the hallway if you wait outside for your students if you are driving them home. We will send bus riders out first, then picker-uppers, then bike riders. Please wait until the bus has left the parking lot before you walk your child to your car. Bike riders will wait until all cars have left before they leave.

BIKE SAFETY Along these safety lines, a group of concerned parents will attend the Sept. 3rd

Selectboard meeting to ask for support making it safer for children and families to walk and ride bikes to school. Please contact Judith Markey or Judy Ross for information, or join us there.

InOMN We are starting our year off partnering again with the Peacham Library, the Northeast

Kingdom Astronomy Foundation, and the Peacham Fire District #1 to host the International Observe the Moon Night at school on Saturday, Sept. 6th appearance by the International Space Station. Join us to make this year’s event just as successful.

Our Outdoor Space has been transformed and we are ready for the next phase of planning and doing.

A meeting of interested supporters and willing hands will be announced soon. Ideas are already percolating for adding to our natural playscape. See Judy Ross to add your name to our growing list.

ZUKES ABOUND!! And gourds, and potatoes, and cabbages, and even pumpkins! Thanks to all the summer garden tenders and waterers. Harvest time will be truly meaningful this year.

EMAIL SHARE? We would like to create a digital email directory for use by staff and families. We will include your email address as written on your child’s registration card and use it for distribution of future newsletters, announcements, and other relevant information. If you DO NOT want your address included in this list, please let me know.

Cheers to all,
Judy Ross

Scott MarshiaPrincipal’s Corner | Aug. 28